Tornadors & Replacement Parts

Product SKUS: HTZ-010
The Tornador® Classic Tool works with your air compressor to blast cleaning solution into crevices you can’t reach by hand. Clean carpet, plastics, and upholstery inside the car. Clean wheels, convertible tops, and body seams on the exterior. The Tornador® Classic Tool cleans where other tools can’...
Product SKUS: HTZ-020
The Tornador® Black has newly developed rotational technology inside the funnel to provide faster, more powerful cleaning. The designers increased power but reduced air consumption and noise. Plus, it's equipped with sealed ball bearings inside the rotation set. Wear is minimized because the...
Product SKUS: HTZ-011
The Tornador® Foam Gun allows you to presoak the vehicle with clinging foam. The foam stays where it’s sprayed. As you wash the vehicle, there is a layer of light foam between your mitt and the paint and your shampoo foam won’t fall flat. The Foam Gun only works with an air compressor capable of...
Product SKUS: ZV-200
Vacuum, clean and air dry all in one tool! The VELOCITY-VAC easily attaches to the TORNADOR ® BLACK and can be used with any wet/dry vacuum. The must-have detailer's tool. Three different cleaning functions will streamline your automotive detailing and reconditioning challenges. The VELOCITY-VAC is...
Product SKUS: Z-014
The Tornador® Air Blow Out Gun works with your air compressor to blow debris and moisture out of hard-to-reach areas of a vehicle. Use inside or outside the vehicle. The strong, tornado-like funnel of air blasts out dirt and dust quickly and easily. Use it to blow crumbs, trash, and dust from under...
Product SKUS: CT-100
Replacement nozzle cone for the Tornador Classic
Product SKUS: TB-100
Nozzle for Tornador Black gun.
Product SKUS: CT-190
Plastic nozzle with inner in stainless steel.
Product SKUS: CT-1100
Foam tip for Tornador foam gun.
Product SKUS: CT-1100DK
Tornador foam gun tips, small and large.
Product SKUS: CT-101
Weighted tube for Tornador.
Product SKUS: CT-600
Classic inner liquid tube for Tornador gun.